Great memories of the Polish trip

On the 9th of November I was in Poland, Chorzow with my school. Before the travel I had different feelings about the trip because it was my first time when I had to speak English a lot with strangers.

On 9th we started our trip in the morning but we stopped in Brno, in Czech Republic and took a walk there. On 10th we were in the Polish school. I was in 2 English lessons and after that we participated in the school ceremony, because the 11th of November is the National Day in Poland. The ceremony was beautiful and fascinating. On the 11th we listened to the mass in a wonderful church and later we went to Auschwitz which was shocking. In the evening we walked in Katowice with some Polish students. On 12th we were in a salt mine in Wieliczka and in the afternoon in Krakow with Polish students. The salt mine was nice, I was in other salt mines too but it was so different.

On 13th we had a „family day”. Polish students invited Hungarian students to lunch. Except 5 students everyone went to play bowling, eat pizza etc… I was so nervous before the “family day”. Some people had bad experience after that day but I have the opposite of it. I was with my classmate, Csilla with a friendly Polish boy, Rafał. First, we went to a viewpoint, there is an amazing view. After it, we went to at another town, Siemianowice by bus. Rafał’s family were extremely friendly with us, he has an 11 years old sister like me, because I also have one. We ate typical traditional Polish lunch and it was delicious. The soup was almost the same as Hungarian chicken soup. The main course was potato noodles with sauce, steamed cabbage with mushrooms, fried chicken leg and stuffed meat rolls. There was an apple cake and ice cream with whipped cream for the dessert. After eating we played with xbox 360 kinect which was fun and also listened to how nice the boy can play the electric piano. I felt great and I could talk in English a lot. On 14th we left for home in the morning. Some Polish students came to the hotel where we stayed and my new friend came to say goodbye, too. During the homeward journey we stopped in Bratislava.

I loved this trip so much because I could speak a lot and I could see a lot of fantastic places. With Rafał we still speak a lot so we practice English and I also have a great Polish friend.