Customs around the world


  1. Lithuania: a kiss on the cheek or a hug
  2. Germany: shaking hands
  3. Turkey: saying meribah and a kiss on the cheek
  4. Australia: Hey how’s it going?
  5. USA: Saying hi
  6. Japan: A wave and saying hi
  7. Brazil: a kiss on the cheek
  8. Belgium: kiss on the cheek
  9. Mexico: hug, kiss, handshake

Hand gestures: Yummy! Very good!

  1. Japan: thumbs up
  2. Turkey:
  3. Brazil: thumbs up
  4. Australia: thumbs up
  5. Mexico: two thumbs up
  6. Belgium: thumbs up
  7. Germany: thumbs up
  8. Lithuania: no hand gesture, they just say it
  9. Denmark: OK sign


  1. Turkey: kindness; no discrimination
  2. Brazil: polite; family is important
  3. USA: be kind; work hard; treat others how you want to be treated
  4. Australia: respect yourself and others
  5. Venezuela: respect your family
  6. Mexico: respect people
  7. Belgium: be polite; saying thank you and sorry; be friendly

Hungarian customs:

  • Christmas tree: A common decoration in many Hungarian households is to put “szaloncukor” on their tree. “Szaloncukor” is a piece of bonbon like candy in wrapping paper.
  • Name days: Hungarians don’t just celebrate birthdays; they also celebrate name days. Each name has its own day in the calendar, based on historical events and religious traditions.
  • New Year: Many Hungarian families believe that eating lentils on the first day of a new year will bring them luck.

Alexa Szántó

Comparing Halloween and All Saints’ Day


 Lot of artists get inspiration and create novels, poems, songs and movies about 31th of October. It is one of the most famous autumn days, which we simply call Halloween. Many kids and adults love this holiday and happily celebrate it. Unfortunately some people hate it, they said this event makes fun of the All Souls day and our deceased ones. Others mistake Halloween for All saints day.

What is the difference between these holidays? Why do people love Halloween so much? When do we celebrate All souls day? Who do we remember on All saints day?

Although Halloween is not a public holiday, people love this festival, because it has got many fun traditions. During the scariest time of the year kids can wear their fancy costumes and walk from house to house, play Trick or Treats. “Treats” means sweets or money. If they don’t get it, children perform a little mischief (“Trick”) on the homeowner. This holiday has got some other interesting activities like making pumpkin lanterns or apple bobbing. These programs,creative snacks recipes, orange and black decorations are very important elements for a good Halloween party.  For the better holiday mood, people usually watch classic horror movies online or go to the cinema. 

All saints day which is a public holiday all over the world was celebrated first in the 9th century by the Roman Catholic Church. This day is one of the oldest holidays in history. In 380 the eastern church began to hold this feast, not long after the western church joined this tradition. At first they celebrated martyrs who died for their faith while others were themselves the mothers of important saints. Nowadays people on this holiday commemorate known and unknown saints. According to the church’s ordinance believers are to attend the Mass on 1st of November.

Vita Vigyikán

Comparing 2 holidays: Halloween and All Saints’ Day

This article is about comparing Halloween And All Saints’ Day. The two holidays come after each other, but they have almost nothing in common.

Halloween is a very popular holiday in Britain but it’s not public. It’s on 31 October. Halloween colours are orange and black. Orange can be tied to the end of the harvest, and black to death. On this holiday people can make pumpkin lanterns, watch horror films at home or in a cinema, play apple bobbing, go trick or treating, go to a party like Fright Night which is the biggest Halloween party in Britain. On Halloween people eat sweets, pumpkin soup and curry. People wear costumes on Halloween. The most popular costumes are witches, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, zombies and monsters. You can buy a costume or you can make one at home which is also a nice activity. Halloween is a good mood holliday opposite to All Saints’ Day which is a Roman Catholic holiday which is on 1st November. All Saints’ Day Celebrated in honour of all the saints. On 2nd November they celebrate All Souls’ Day when they remember their deceased ones, visiting graves and cemeteries, light candles and pray. 

In our country we don’t really celebrate Halloween. When I was a child I wanted to go trick or treating and wear costumes because I thought it is fun. I’m sure it’s a good thing to celebrate this holiday like that, but now I don’t really care.

We celebrate All Saints’ Day at home. We light some candles and have dinner together. 

Réka Szabó